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Guest Digital Compendium

Contactless Solution Accessible Anywhere

In this digital world, guests can now use their own devices to access your property’s compendium details and services, anywhere they go during their stay.

You can benefit from our interactive digital solution, with reduced overheads, increased opportunities for revenue generation and improving guest satisfaction.

Request a demo and a copy of our beginner’s guide today.

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Accessible Anywhere In Guests Preferred Language

Imagine a world where your guests can access your property and local area details, anywhere, in their preferred language.

A world where guests can also communicate with your property's reception staff in their own language.

Our digital solution allows you to update details in minutes, for all of your guests.

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Easy To Use By Your Management and Your Guests

Upgrading your hotel compendiums to our interactive digital solution takes just 3 easy steps.

Our mobile app and website are easy for your guests to access after checking into your property.

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Fully Contactless Guest Solution

Contactless solutions are on the rise in this post-pandemic world.

Our mobile app and website allows your guests to independently access your property services, with no communal resources needed in each guest room.

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Hinfo Contactless Guest Solution

Environmentally Friendly Guest Digital Compendiums

Your guests already bring their own devices to your property and charge them during their stay.

Our solution results in minimal impact on the environment.

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Digital Compendium That Respects Your Guests Privacy

Hinfo acquires the biggest benefit of traditional printed compendiums from the 20th century and implements it into our interactive 21st century digital solution.

Protecting your guests privacy is at the center of everything we do.

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Hinfo Guest Usage

App vs. Website


91% App

9% Website

App Downloads


96% Smartphones

4% Tablets & MacBooks

Figures as of October 2021, based on internal analytics and figures from Apple and Google directly.

App vs. Website statistics are based on properties that offer guests the choice of either platform.

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Digital Guest Solutions - Beginner's Guide

Learn more about our guest digital compendium and how it compares to other solutions on the market.

Please provide your email below and we will send you a copy of this free guide shortly.

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To enquire about our Hinfo service or request a demo, please provide your details below and we will contact you shortly.