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How Your Guests Will Access Hinfo

1. Download the Hinfo app or visit hinfo.com/findproperty.

Hinfo is available to download via the Apple App Store for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks and the Google Play Store on Android smartphones and tablets.

Guests can also visit hinfo.com/findproperty, in any web browser, on any device they own.

We offer additional options to promote our Hinfo service to your guests, including QR Codes, as explained in this short video.

Apple App Store Google Play App Store

2. Search for your property via name or current location.

Guests can access your property by searching for your property name or use the current location feature. This will detect their location and ask them (when on the premises) if they are staying at your property.

We also offer a direct link and/or QR Code to your property on our website, for you to display anywhere on the premises or via your guest Wi-Fi connection confirmation screen.

Hinfo Find Property Screen in Hotel Room

How To Join Our Hinfo Service

1. Provide us your property and local area details

We will provide you with a Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) account for your property to provide all details.

You only need to provide the name and suburb for each local place and event that you want to list, during the initial setup. We will then fill-in the rest of these details for you.

Alternatively, you can use our built-in keyword search tool to search for local places you wish to list and our CMS will auto-fill multiple fields for you.

Hinfo CMS Home Tab on Windows PC

2. Place any of our Promotional Material options in every guest room and/or at reception.

Available via the Hinfo CMS, our Promotional Material Generator creates printable information signs, to inform your guests that your property is a Hinfo member.

These options are available in multiple sizes, in a personalized, multilingual, print-ready format.

This is the most you need to provide in every guest room, which is significantly less to handle than a printed compendium or hotel tablet.

You can also promote Hinfo to your guests:

  • Upon connecting to your Guest Wi-Fi network,
  • In your email booking confirmations and/or
  • In a pre-arrival SMS.
Hinfo Promotional Material at Reception and in Guest Room

3. Process your first low payment for up to the first year of Hinfo.

The Hinfo subscription-based model makes our digital compendium far more cost effective upfront and over the long term, compared to other solutions both digital and traditional.

Please use our calculator on the pricing page to see how affordable our Hinfo service is.

Hinfo on iPhone on Wireless Charger
Man using Hinfo on iPhone Outside

Digital Guest Solutions - Beginner's Guide

Learn more about our guest digital compendium and how it compares to other solutions on the market.

Please provide your email below and we will send you a copy of this free guide shortly.

We will not pass on your email to any 3rd parties.

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Hinfo on iPhone and iPad Tilted

To enquire about our Hinfo service or request access to our demo, please provide your details below and we will contact you shortly.